remy rinding a horse

Remy Bastings

Remy Bastings is an experienced and talented rider and trainer of dressage and sport horses.
Having started riding at a very young age, gaining experience working and training in Holland and Germany and later riding, competing and giving clinics in North America, Remy Bastings himself has become a successful and respected rider and trainer. He has trained several regional champions, has had a number of impressive placings at the Grand Prix-level as well as the Dutch championships and runs his own stable, where he also rides and trains, in Deurne, Netherlands.

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Newshorses, training etc.

We hope to see you Sunday! Opening the doors of our new stables in Liessel.

Sunday, May the 15th, we are opening the doors of our new stables in Liessel. In cooperation with Trakehner studfarm "de Garst" own by Mr. Antoon van Osch. He will preseent a selec

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Remy Bastings at City Polo Maastricht 2016

Remy Bastings, as he did last year, will participate in the kickoff of the City Polo event to be held March 18-20 in his hometown of Maastricht, Holland. As part of the opening cer

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