The success in training stems from a steadfast focus on the goal to realize the maximum potential in order to bring out the very best of what is inside you and your horse.

My training philosophy is extremely wide-ranging, versatile and comprehensive. I see every horse and rider as a unique individual with different needs. The challenge is to provide the right approach for each individual. My key to success is dedicated work on a daily basis with an impeccable attention to detail, unrelenting attentiveness to the health, mindset and overall well-being. This approach leads towards full respect of horses and riders we train.

Riders Training

Not only developing technical skills but also to develop mentally strong riders is the goal. I have a knack for taking young inexperienced people and developing them into riders competing at the international level as well as those who have years of experience but require a complete transformation in order to reach their full potential. Both are an extremely interesting and rewarding process. I enjoy seeing young and ambitious people grow into mature riders, improve and develop their abilities to their full capacities.

At home, people visit my yard once a week as well others that stable their horses and receive training on nearly a daily basis. I’m happy that I have many professionals that come for training but a fanatic ambitious amateur that is really striving to achieve a higher level is just as rewarding. Whatever it is you want, I can help you to achieve it. Besides the people who come to my yard, I also travelled the world to teach at clinics on a regular basis. These efforts have brought wonderful results in numerous countries. If you are interested in any of my services, please feel free to contact.

Horses Training

Every horse is an individual that requires an individual approach. Over the years, I trained countless horses of nearly every kind. From green to Grand Prix and from seemingly hopeless cases also to Grand Prix. Small and big, hot-headed and lazy. My main passion is the daily training of the horses. Each morning again I am excited to work with them. I find it very important that horses are happy athletes. So, to keep them happy, I do not work them six days a week in the same way. Very often I train for two days and then the third day, I take them out for a light gallop in the fields or have them ease about in the paddock.

To turn horses into strong athletes, it is important to offer them enough diversity. From making supple as well as strengthening work. The exercises themselves are not the goal but they can be used to gymnastize and to teach the horse how to use its own body. Besides dressage work, there is also room for jumping, natural horsemanship and driving. All of these influences, have proven to be very helpful overcoming obstacles in daily training sessions. The horses come out of their stables at least twice every day. They are all turned out in grass fields or paddocks. This is also the case with stallions and competition horses; there are no exceptions.